Sexy blonde with big ass has sex at the pool

Sexy blonde with big ass has sex at the pool

Kellie drove over and waited at the High School for Sara, her sister in all the ways that mattered. She thought back to their first meeting, back in elementary school:She had been a new student and it was hard. She wore homemade clothes and was from an ultra-religious family. It took a long time begging her father to let her go to school instead of being taught at home. He argued against it, but finally gave in when she promised to be extra attentive at daily services before and after school. Even though she was only eight-years-old she knew he figured she would hate it and be picked on and then want to come home.He was almost right. A bully started picking on her whenever the teacher wasn’t right there. It came to a head quickly on the playground when the bully pushed her down. As she laid there, another figure stepped into view and got between her and the bully, a younger girl. The girl stood between her and the bully and just looked at the bully right in the eye with her hands on her hips. They stood that way for a long minute when the bully waved her hands and just said: “It’s not worth it.” Kellie didn’t understand exactly what happened. The bully wasn’t afraid of the smaller girl, but later she realized the girl wasn’t afraid of the bully either, and that made the difference. After the bully stalked off, the girl turned to her and said simply, “Hi, I’m Sara.”Then the passenger door opened suddenly, interrupting Kellie’s memories. Sara tossed her bag over the seat into the back and slid in, hugging Kellie whom she hadn’t seen since Christmas break.“Kel! I thought you weren’t due in until next week.”“Hey Sis, I finished early so flew home. I figured I would surprise you.”Sara looked hard at Kellie and listened carefully to the tone of her voice. “You did it, didn’t you?”“What?”“You know what. You told Mom how you felt and since you are practically glowing it must have gone over well. Tell me every detail!”Kellie told her about the bathing suit.“You walked in on her naked. Oh my god, Mom must have freaked out!”“I had on the bottoms. She covered well, her freak was about a two-second pause and she barely looked at my girls here,” Kellie gestured to her chest, “But then I dropped the bottoms and left them on the kitchen counter for her.”“And did she do it?” Sara’s eyes were bright with curiosity.“Yea, just like you said she would. She sniffed them. I don’t know if I could have done any more if she hadn’t. She didn’t know I was watching from down the hall. When I came back in, still naked and carrying one of her suits, she had put my bottoms back on the counter, but I could tell they had been moved. I didn’t confront her then.”“So, girl, don’t keep me in suspense, what did you do?” Sara was insistent, but she also knew Kellie would tell her all, the two girls shared everything! She had seen her Mom with Kel’s panties before and told Kellie what to do. She knew how Kellie felt but wasn’t completely sure how her Mom really felt. She had hoped but wasn’t sure.So Kellie told her how she interrupted Mama K masturbating and all that followed. She looked very seriously at Sara when she gave her the last thing. “Kate’s worried about you.”“Kate, is it?”“Well, I can’t keep calling my lover Mama K, can I?” Kellie said with a more typical grin.“Did you tell her she didn’t need to worry?”Kellie replied, “I told her your first reaction would be ‘what took us so long.”“You know it! I guess she needs to hear it from me?”“Yea! You know how she is.”“True, she’s probably getting herself all worked up right now anticipating something crappy. Yea, I know. She amazes me. Inside she questions herself, always thinking about the worst case, and yet when she decides to act, she always seems to do the right things. I’ll talk to her, but there is one thing.”Kellie cocked an eyebrow in question.“I am not calling you Mom!”The two of them shared a good laugh about that.Once home, Sara wasted no time. She ran up to her Mom and hugged her and then whispered in her ear, “What the hell took you so long?”Katreana blushed, but couldn’t say a word for a minute. It was so good having both her girls home, but it was extra special being sure her daughter had no problem with her and Kellie. It felt so strange, but also so right. Then Sara settled the whole issue in her usual irreverent style:“Alright, you two. But if I catch you having sex on the dining table, I’m never eating there again!”We all laughed, any tension was broken nicely. The Kellie had to chime in, “Okay, we just won’t get caught!”Things settled nicely, the three of us spent lots of time together. Kellie and Kate even went out several times and no one seemed to bat an eye at the two ladies who were obviously more than just friends, well most people. There were a few who were less than happy. They weren’t the problem, but the person they told became one.The strangest thing for Kate was waking up each morning with Kellie in her bed. Maybe ‘strangest’ wasn’t the right word, but it sure felt different. For months she always thought, no — she knew, her attraction to Kellie was one-sided and impossible. But in the past couple of weeks waking up was one of the best times of the day. Like this morning, Kellie woke her up gently with a snuggle that rapidly turned into several orgasms. The best part of the thumping on the wall after about the third one and Sara complaining about the noise they were making.The next afternoon, Sara was changing for the pool when she heard several cars pull up in front of the house, she peeked out and had her own flashback going back eleven years.Eight-year-old Sara peeked around the curtain again, listening to the angry man yelling at her mother. She turned toward her closet.“Stay there. Mom won’t let him in. She doesn’t know you’re here. He’s not getting past my Mom!”Hiding in the back of the closet was a nine-year-old girl who was very frightened. Just the day before she came home with Sara after telling her what her life at home was like. Sara swore she would keep her hidden for as long as it took. Neither girl really understood what that might mean, all Sara knew was her best friend was afraid and it was a friend’s job to take that fear away.Sara continued to watch her Mom. She was calm at first, but the angry man was making her mad. Sara saw her reach for her phone and a few minutes later a police car pulled up and forced the angry man away. Sara turned away from the window and sank to the floor, her back against the wall. “He’s gone!” She said with obvious relief.The frightened girl said, “He’ll be back.”“
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He doesn’t know you’re here. Besides, he won’t get past Mom. She’s the best!”“I wish she were my mom!”“That would make us sisters! That would be great. I always wanted a sister.”Sara smiled at how prophetic those words became. Kellie became her sister and Kate became her mother, well until recently when Kate and Kellie became more. She looked out the window again and really had a flashback as the same angry man got out of a car and was joined by several other people. They stood at the curb looking at the house.Sara heard her front door open and knew her Mom was there. Kellie wasn’t home at the moment. She heard her Mom’s voice.“Have you forgotten about the restraining order? I’ve already called the police. I hope you enjoy another night in jail.”“We aren’t on your property, harlot.”“So religious nut-jobs don’t know how to read? Its 300 feet from my home, my work, and any school either of my daughters attend or work. You are in violation.”Kate stepped into view and Sara nearly laughed. Kate was wearing her new bathing suit, a sexy-looking two-piece Kel had gotten her. Sara knew having to talk to a woman was bad enough for Kel’s biological father, but one dressed in a bikini was really gonna piss him off.“You do not have daughters, harlot, you stole my daughter and I am taking her back.”“What you are going to do is leave. My daughters are both legally adults and can determine their own life, which hasn’t involved you in many years. Or aren’t you bright enough to read a calendar either?”Sara grabbed her cell to give Kellie a heads up. The last thing she needed to do was show up in the middle of this stupidity. Kellie answered and Sara filled her in.“You are shitting me?”“Nope, he’s outside yelling at mom from the street. She said she’s already called the cops.”“Good for her. I can’t believe it. He hasn’t shown any interest in years. Why now?”“Who knows what he’s thinking.”“OK, Sara, keep me posted. I’m at the grocery. I’ll hang here.”After the call, Sara listened to some of the back and forth, not really processing it until she heard the word ‘lesbian’. At that point, a cop car pulled in and she could see the argument he was having with the officer, but couldn’t hear the content. She smiled as the officer cuffed him and put him in the back of the car. She expected the others to leave, but instead, they pulled out signs from one of their cars and started picketing in front of her house. The signs looked like something out of those Westboro idiots, condemning homosexuality, burning in hell, and the like. Sara closed the curtain and went to her Mom who was standing at the front door looking out through the side glass in the doorway.“Mom?”“I guess you saw?”“Yea and I called Kellie.”“Oh good. The last thing she needs is to deal with this without a heads up.”“She’s waiting for an all-clear.”Kate picked up her cell and dialed a number she knew by heart. Sara could only hear one side of the conversation.“Yes, Sergeant, you were right. Your man took the one asshole in, the rest are marching in a circle on the sidewalk in front of my house.”“Yes, marching, as in picketing.”“Quit laughing, this isn’t funny.”“Okay, maybe a little funny. They are holding homophobic signs and blocking part of the street and my driveway. What are my rights here?”Kate listened for a long time, trying to formulate a plan of action. She thanked the Sergeant and warned him he would be getting a call if anything happened. Before explaining anything to Sara, she called Kellie.“Come on home. However, be careful. There some of ass-wipe’s congregation picketing the house. Just drive through them slowly with the windows up. They can’t legally stop you — if they do we can have them arrested too. According to Sergeant Jacks, they have a right to assemble, but cannot interfere with traffic.”“Okay, see you soon!”Kellie came home a few minutes later and found Kate in the garage.“Hi, hon, need a laugh?”Kellie saw the look on Kate’s face. “What are you up too?”“Oh, nothing much.” Kate turned back to the small panel on the wall.“Isn’t that …”“Yup!”“Where’s Sara?”“Living room window with her phone — recording.”Kellie went and stood by the open garage door. Just as Kate joined her the in-ground sprinklers came on in the front yard. The two of them watched the picketers scatter and a couple of them even dropped their signs. They started laughing and then heard Sara laughing even harder.Kate closed the garage after making sure the cars were locked. She also reset her security cameras to cover the driveway and front of the house with a wider field of view and increased the sensitivity of her motion detector settings.“I hate the feeling of being trapped in my own house,” Kellie said.“I understand, but look at it this way. Once the sun goes down the temperature here is going to drop 30 degrees. If those picketers hang around they are going to be very uncomfortable before their clothes dry out. Plus, if they actually come on our property, Sergeant Zale said the video from the system is enough for a trespassing charge. They can’t win this one.” Her cell phone went off.“Oh, hi Sergeant. I was just talking about you.”“Yea, I didn’t think you could hold him. But he is being charged with violating the restraining order, right?”“Good, that’s a start.”“No, the others are hanging around in the street in front of my house. They’re chanting some homophobic stuff. What're the rules on noise and quiet time in town?”“Damn, so we have to put up with it till then?”“Okay, thanks for the info.”She hung up and she and Kellie went into the house.“Mom, that was beautiful. You caught all six of them, they were in a line and the sprinklers along the sidewalk got them. I just wish it was a firehose. I got a video if you want to see it. I’ve already posted it on Facebook and identified the Church for folks.”“Maybe later. I’m hungry and its dinner time. Whose turn?”Kellie and Sara both said “Yours!”“Hmmm, I sense a conspiracy. Didn’t I cook last night?”“Yes, but that was a special occasion.”Kate shook her head and laughed. “Alright, but tomorrow night it’s your turn, Kel.”“We’ll see! We might be pretty busy.”“What’s going on?” Kate asked as Sara looking curious as well.“I ran into someone at the store, a girl I knew from before.”Both Kate and Sara knew that when Kellie said ‘before’ it meant the time before she ran away and ended up living with them.Kellie paused, then took a breath and continued, “Apparently, I have another sister, who just turned nine.”

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