Masked Men Rape a Faithful Old Woman

Masked Men Rape a Faithful Old Woman

Part two. Sheila and Jay Meet Jackie and Derek for the first time. Sorry it took so long to get done, hope it's worth the wait. Jay and Sheila started off Saturday like any ordinary weekend. They slept in a bit and had breakfast with the kids. A little later Sheila ran some errands and stopped to get her nails done. She had picked up outfits for both her and Jay. Simple yet trendy for Jay, and jeans and a top that accentuated her body for her. Jay was hanging out at home with the kids. It was early spring and he took the kids out in the back yard and started reviewing what landscaping would need to be done over the next few weeks. The kids ran around the yard and played as he noticed the bare spots in the yard and the tree limbs that needed trimming. The phone rang and he ran into the house to answer it. It was Annie, their babysitter. “Hey Jay. I have a few favor to ask. My car is acting weird and my mom is out of town. I really don't want to blow you guys off. Anyway you can pick me up?” “Sheila is out running errands. I can come get you after she gets back and starts getting ready,” Jay replied. “Awesome! If it's alright with you I can just crash at your place so you don't have to take me home when you get home.” “I don't see a problem with that.” “Cool. See ya in a bit.” Jay hung up the phone and started thinking about the hot 20 year old college girl sleeping in their house. The thought started to arouse him. He smiled and thought how Sheila would call him a perv and then encourage his thoughts. Sheila arrived home and Jay told her about the plan to get Annie and they had lunch with the kids. As it turned into early evening Jay jumped in the shower and cleaned up. He changed into the clothes Sheila bought for him. He threw his shoes on and told Sheila the bathroom was all hers. He told the kids to be good while she was in the shower and he left to get Annie. Jay rolled down the window and enjoyed the extremely warm spring day. He drove to Annie's and pulled in the driveway. Annie came bounding down the front steps. Her perky breasts bounced with each step she descended. She was wearing Yoga pants and a tight fitting t-shirt. Jay was appreciating her tight 20 year old body as it approached his truck, and it was beginning to have an affect on him. Annie was about 5' 6” and if she was 120 lbs he would be shocked. Her hair was long and dirty blonde with platinum highlights. “Damn she's hot,” he thought as she reached the door. Jay and Annie drove and made small talk as they headed back to Jay and Sheila's house. As they passed a park Annie stared at some shirtless guys playing basketball. She said aloud “DAMN!” She blushed and giggled as she realized she said it out loud. Jay looked at her and started to laugh. “Sorry,” Annie said, “Guess I need to get laid.” Jay shook his head trying not to let on that he would take her up on her offer. Shortly later they were pulling into his garage. Annie opened the door, grabbed her bag, and headed towards the door. As she approached it a t shirt fell from her bag. She bent at the waist to get it. Jay had pushed the garage door button and was looking to make sure the door shut all the way. He walked right into Annie. Instinctively he reached down grabbing Annie's hips trying to keep her from falling. This pulled her tight ass hard against his crotch. A low barely audible moan escaped her lips. Now it was Jay's turn to blush. He fumbled an apology and tried to explain as she stood upright. Annie smiled at him and winked as she started up the stairs, putting a little extra swing in her hips. Jay immediately went to his room and explained to Sheila what happened. She laughed and reached her hand to his crotch teasing him that the babysitter gave him a little chubby. He pushed her hand away and she laughed harder. “Well at least I know you're in the mood for some playtime,” she laughed. Jay flipped Sheila off with a smile as he walked out to make sure the kids were not attacking Annie. Shortly later Sheila was ready to leave and so was Jay. He was watching Annie play with the kids and every time her tight body moved he had to look away. He was either ready to leave or to take his hot babysitter to his room and ravish her. Sheila and Jay talked on the way to get some dinner. The plan was to eat then meet Derek and Jackie downtown at a “Lifestyle Friendly” bar for drinks. As they ate they talked about what the expectations were for the night. It was a no pressure no sex expected night. The goal was to get to know Derek and Jackie and see if they clicked or not. Sheila failed to mention that if she got a chance to feel that huge cock of Derek's in her hands or mouth, she was taking it. During dinner Sheila's phone went off indicating she had a text. She smiled and started typing her response. Jay asked who it was. “It was Jackie. They need directions,” she replied as if it was just some random friend. “Wow, you gave her your number already? That's moving a bit fast isn't it?” Jay asked sarcastically. Sheila gave him a look letting him know she wasn't amused. “They have never been there before and she thought they may need directions. Calm down sparky,” Sheila replied with a tone that made Jay understand that he shouldn't push the issue. The couple finished dinner and drove to the bar. This was a bar that was lifestyle friendly. On any given night you could see gays, lesbians, transvestites, and swingers getting to know each other and leaving to continue their night in privacy. Sheila went to the back of the bar to find a table and Jay went to the bar to get them a couple of drinks. Lori, the bartender recognized Jay and made small talk as she fixed the couples drinks. Lori was cute, but 100% lesbian. Jay and her got along well and he always flirted with her and jokingly talked about bringing her to “the dark side.” Lori always laughed and always flirted back with Jay knowing that it was just innocent flirting and Jay would never pursue it any further. Jay took the drinks back to the table and sat next to Sheila. They were talking when a cute brunette with ample breasts walked up to the table. “Sheila, Jay?” she asked. Jay looked up and noticed Jackie immediately. She was about 5' 6” and maybe 125 lbs. with shoulder length curly hair. She had deep brown eyes, that were behind contemporary square framed glasses. Jay's gaze went down her body to her tight fitting blouse showing the ample “D” cup breasts she had. He looked further down to her tight fitting jeans that hugged her toned legs. Jay stood and Sheila slid out of the booth and hugged Jackie. Both women were smiling at each other and complimenting each others outfits. “Derek is getting us some drinks, he'll be here in a second,” Jackie stated as she sat opposite the couple. The three began chatting asking simple questions, was it hard to find the bar? Did they have trouble finding a parking spot? As they were doing this a tall, built man approached the table. He had to be 6' 3” and about 210 lbs. He was muscular which you could tell as his t-shirt stretched across his chest and arms as he moved. He had short dark hair and green eyes. Sheila immediately noticed the slight bulge in his jeans and she knew that was the monster she had seen online that was causing that. Derek sat down next to Jackie and the introductions resumed again. After the usual questions that seemed to always come up between two couples that are looking to possibly get together sexually. They had a few drinks and soon the bar began to get crowded and a bit noisy. Derek suggested that they leave and go someplace quieter where they could continue talking. They discussed a couple of other bars when Sheila spoke up, “If our kids weren't home we could go back there and hang out and have a few more drinks.” She had a twinkle in her eye that Jackie seemed to pick up on. “Our kids are at my mom's for the night, we could grab some drinks and head back there,” Jackie said picking up on Sheila's subtle hint. “That's a great idea if you two guys are up to it,” Sheila said looking at Jay and Derek. Jay looked to Derek and tilted his head towards the door with a look that seemed to ask, “You want to?” Derek said, “Let's go pay our tabs, and we can stop at a liquor store on the way and get whatever everyone wants to drink.” Jay and Derek left the women alone and went to the bar to pay their tabs. When they got to the bar, Lori the bartender informed them that she knew that there was a DUI checkpoint just up the road. Jay and Derek paid their tabs and started to head back to the table. On the way back the talked about the checkpoint. Derek suggested that he and Jackie drive because they have had less to drink. Jay said that would be fine if one could drive his and Sheila's car so it didn't get left downtown. Derek thought that they could work that out. When they got back to the table they explained the situation and the driving arrangements. Sheila and Jackie decided they would ride together and the guys would take Derek's truck. Derek and Jay were hoping that they would be riding with the other's spouse, but went along with the plan. Jay and Derek were to go straight to the house and get a fire started in the fire pit. The girls were going to stop at the liquor store and join them shortly after. On the drive to the house Derek looked at Jay and said, “I never know how to hold these conversations because we're so new to this, but umm...” Jay started laughing, “ It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this, there is no easy way to say, 'Man I want to fuck you're wife. Do you want to fuck mine?” Derek started laughing too. Jay continued, “We don't expect anything. Whatever happens, happens. If that's just drinks and conversation, great. If it ends up a wild drunken orgy, that's just a bonus!” Derek found himself liking Jay, he didn't seem like the kind of guy that was just about the sex. Jackie and Derek wanted friends that they could have fun with in and out of the bedroom, this could be that couple. When Jackie and Sheila pulled into the driveway, they saw a glow from the backyard that meant the guys had a fire going in the fire pit. They took the alcohol in and fixed everyone a round of drinks. They saw Jay and Derek sitting and talking as they walked towards the sliding glass door. The two women looked at each other and smiled as they opened the door and headed out. Jackie walked past her husband and handed Jay a drink then sat in his lap. Sheila did the same with Derek. The two women giggled as they looked at each other. The guys were speechless for a second, then Jay broke the ice by saying, “well this is a pleasant surprise!” Soon the conversation became sporadic. The women were wiggling in the laps they were sitting in. The men found it hard to concentrate as they both began to grow hard against the the firm ass which wiggled against them. Jay began to kiss the back of Jackie's neck as his hands
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roamed over her thighs. Her breathing was getting ragged. Over Jackie's shoulder he could see Sheila's hand reaching back and stroking Derek through his jeans. This caused Jay to get harder watching his wife shamelessly work the huge cock of Derek. Suddenly Jackie jumped off his lap and headed towards the house. The other three shared a puzzled look as Jackie disappeared into the house. Just as quickly as she went into the house, Jackie returned. She was carrying two large blankets. Derek smiled a large smile knowing what was on his wife's mind. She dropped one blanket in Sheila's lap as she walked passed her. As Jackie reached Jay, she unfolded the blanket, sat back on his lap, and covered them. She grabbed Jay's hand and pulled it to her breast and leaned back into him. With his other hand Jay turned Jackie's head and their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. He could feel her nipple harden under his fingers as he stroked over her shirt. Jackie's hand slid down and began to stroke him through his jeans. She felt the hardness of his cock straining against the denim of his jeans. She was on fire, this man was an amazing kisser and his hardness felt amazing against her hand. Across the fire pit Sheila was getting similar treatment from Derek. He was a good kisser and his large hands were roaming under the blanket inching her shirt up. He soon got his hands underneath the fabric and was stroking the skin of her stomach, making his way up to her breasts which were topped with large erect nipples. She soon turned in the chair so she was sitting across Derek's lap. This gave both of them easier access to the other's body. She lowered her hand and began searching for Derek's zipper. She needed to feel that large cock in her hand. Jay could see his wife passionately kissing Derek and her hand was under the blanket searching out his huge member. He let out a gasp as Jackie began to lower his zipper and release his swollen rod, knowing his wife was doing the same to Derek. Jay reached between Jackie's legs and began to massage her mound through her jeans. She moaned into his ear encouraging him to undo her jeans and reach inside to feel her wetness. Sheila had freed Derek's dick and was jacking him slowly as they kissed. His hands were under her shirt kneading her breasts. He removed his right hand and reached down and deftly opened her jeans. Sheila raised up a bit allowing Derek to lower her jeans enough to allow him easy access to her love tunnel. He immediately slid a finger inside her urging a squeal from Sheila. Jay and Jackie broke their kiss and watched their spouses while their hands continued pleasuring one another. Jackie took her hand off Jay's swollen member and grasped the waist of her jeans. She wiggled her hips lowering them and her panties went with them. This allowed Jay unobstructed access to the prize his fingers sought out. Sheila's head rolled back as Derek probed her steaming pussy. Her wetness allowed him to finger fuck her with long strokes. Her hips began to buck against his hand in time with his plunging finger. Derek added a second finger eliciting a screech from Sheila. He began to rub her clit in a circular motion as he Sheila rode his fingers. With his free hand, Derek lightly pinched and pulled at Sheila's nipples. Her nipples were very sensitive and this began to push her closer to climax. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her walls began to clamp down on Derek's fingers. A powerful orgasm was swelling inside of Sheila, and her body began to tense in anticipation. “That's so hot,” Jackie said in a voice barely audible. Jay was slowly stroking her walls with a finger while his thumb teased her clit. She was straddling his legs and stroking his cock as it protruded from between her legs. Occasionally it would bump against her swollen lips, leaving droplets of pre-cum against her sweet pussy. Watching her husband push Sheila closer and closer towards orgasm was turning Jackie on. The feel of Jay's fingers and the feel of another man's cock in her hand was driving her to an orgasm of her own. Sheila began to feel her orgasm begin to climax within her. The muscles in her legs locked causing them to stiffen. A warm wave of pleasure began to explode from the center of her body and radiate outward. She threw her head back and a low, loud moan escaped her lips building in a steady crescendo to a light scream. Derek felt the hot wife's pussy walls clamp down on his fingers, locking them in place. “Damn she's tight,” he thought as he heard the wail of pleasure explode from Sheila's lips. Her pussy spasamed as wave after wave of her orgasm racked her body. Each spasm clamped and released on Derek's fingers, causing him to think how much he wanted that feeling against the shaft of his cock. Jay watched his wife cum on Derek's hand and a slight twinge of jealousy began to rise in him. This was the type of feeling that always urged him on. Made him perform better. Made him feel as though he had something to prove to keep his sexy wife satisfied. It was a twisted pleasure he got from watching her with other men. The feeling of jealousy that always came over him caused a surge of adrenaline that was better than any drug you could take. This always kicked Jay's libido into overdrive. He whispered into Jackie's ear, “Isn't watching your husband make another woman cum the hottest thing you have ever seen?” She nodded as a glazed look of lust overtook her. Jay began to pick up the pace with his fingers as they began to attack her slit with a tempo that caused Jackie's orgasm to build, but never pushed her over the edge. “Look at her, she is still cumming,” he whispered. Jackie absentmindedly stroked his cock faster, pulling it closer to her wetness. Jay removed his fingers from her canal and just toyed with her love button. Jackie began to stroke the head of his cock up and down her lips in time with the finger pleasuring her her hardened nub. Sheila began to come down and glanced over at her husband. He had that look in his eyes. It was a look she loved. It was jealousy, she knew that look meant he loved her dearly enough to let her do this, but at the same time somewhere deep down it made him jealous, but he loved every moment of it. Sheila decided to push that jealousy to the next level, knowing it would pay her benefits later at home. She threw her arms around Derek's neck and kissed him deeply. “Your turn,” she whispered in his ear and slid of his lap to her knees in front of him. Looking over her shoulder at her husband, she smiled and licked the head of Derek's swollen member. Slowly at first she began to lick up and down his shaft paying close attention to the size of his member. She began to wonder if she would be able to fit it all in her mouth, choking on it would be a bit embarrassing. She could feel Jays watchful stare on them, knowing how much it turned him on she decided to go for it. First wrapping her lips completely around the head of his swollen cock, listening to Derek's deep throaty moan as her head began to bob up and down made her juices begin to flow again. She tentatively took more and more until he hit the back of her throat. She had 6 inches in her mouth and there was nearly 5 more to go. She paused for a moment as she felt Derek's fingers tangled in her hair. Knowing full well that if he pushed her head down further, her gag reflex would kick in. Gently he began to pull her hair, which only turned her on more, she began to moan a throaty moan as she bobbed a little quicker. Jay and Jackie watched as Sheila began to swallow Derek's tool. There were no words between them. They just watched with lustful gazes as they continued to pleasure each other with their hands. Sheila was rubbing the head of Jay's shaft against her puffy lips as he strummed a symphony on her love button with his fingers. Involuntarily Jay's hips twitched and the head of his dick wedged it's self between Jackie's labia. It was pressed against the opening to her love box, and with one push he could bury himself inside her. Jackie could feel the pressure against the opening to her ultimate treasure. She was torn between lowering herself down on it and going further than Derek had. She continued to stroke the shaft relishing the pleasure Jay's hands were bringing her. She leaned back into him relieving some of the pressure against her opening. Jay moaned in her ear and she saw that Derek had wrapped his hand in Sheila's hair and was slowly fucking her mouth with his huge cock. Derek was now moaning more deeply now as he could feel the drool running down his shaft. Shelia was taking as much in as she could and bobbing furiously on his hard cock. She could feel his grip tightening on her hair and knew he was about to explode. She quickly pulled her head away, as she continued to stroke him . Looking into his eyes “come for me baby” rolled off her tongue, Still looking him in the eyes she lowered her mouth back to his cock and began to suck again. Derek heard the words and felt his balls begin to tighten. Hearing someone else's wife utter those words pushed him over the edge. As Sheila's mouth closed around his cock he felt the first ribbon shooting up his shaft and into her waiting mouth. He expected her to pull away, but she clamped her lips tightly around his shaft and continued to suck, taking in every drop as he shot ribbon after ribbon into her hot mouth and down her throat. Jackie heard Derek groan as he looked down at Sheila's head bobbing on his cock. She knew her husband was shooting his load into her mouth. Seeing this combined with Jay rubbing her pussy was all she could take. She bit her lower lip to hold in a scream and shook violently. As she did her hips slammed down and Jay's cock entered her to the hilt. That intensified her orgasm and she began to shudder as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body. Jay watched as he wife gave one of her expert blow jobs and knew Derek was close to finished. No man could last long in Sheila's talented mouth. As soon as Derek's body stiffened he knew Sheila was accepting his load into her mouth. Nearly simultaneously Jackie began to cum and her spasming body forced his cock inside of her. Jay could feel the walls of her pussy massaging his cock as he entered her. His nuts began to boil over and his cum was racing up his shaft. Just as he erupted Jackie lifted herself off his cock and he covered her mound in his sticky sweet seed. The two couples sat there panting and basking in the glow of what had just happened. Shortly after, they straightened themselves up and finished their drinks. Their conversation returned to normal and soon it was time for Jay and Sheila to leave. The four said their goodbyes and made plans to meet the next night. Jay and Sheila drove home in silence. Her head rested on his shoulder and she looked up at her husband. She smiled knowing the minute their bedroom door shut he was going to be on top of her. She loved this man deeply, and she knew he felt the same.

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