Romanian Peasant Fucks Her Brother In The Ass On Talent And Modernity

Romanian Peasant Fucks Her Brother In The Ass On Talent And Modernity

I try on a few outfits while you watch; a light blue tank top with cream lace trim and a cream lace pair of panties, a thin almost see-through white shirt with a burnt orange thong, and a pair of knee-high black socks with matching lace bra and panties; spinning around for you to see my curves as I giggle and move from outfit to outfit. You help me settle on the pink and black pot socks that come up almost to my knees, the black fabric shorts with a pink seam that runs right under my ass, showing off the curve, and a black tank top, with cute little pigtails. As I pull on the socks and you look down my shirt, I notice that you have a nice bulge growing in your jeans and I bite my lip to suppress my smile. I get on my knees in front of the camera and look up at you with round eyes as I slide my knees open. I reach up to slip the straps from my shoulders and tug my top down to show my perfect tits to the camera. Letting them bounce out and leaving them as I run my hands down over my belly to my pussy, I push the shorts against my puffy lips, a wet spot showing before I slide my hands down my spread thighs. Flipping myself over, onto all fours, I show the wet spot to the camera and you, watching just out of view of it. Biting my lip as I look over my shoulder at you and sway my round ass, the shorts slowly creep between my cheeks. I hook my thumbs into the waistband and push the shorts over my ass and down to my bent knees, and reach back to spread my wet little pink pussy for the camera. Hearing your pained groan makes me smirk. “They have been wanting to see my little pussy, Daddy. They keep asking for it.”Letting my pussy close before I tug my shorts back up, I turn to face you on my knees and look up at you and bite my lip. “They want to watch you fuck me. I will blur your face, Daddy. No one will know, but they've been asking to see a thick cock, please.”My eyes slide down to your big bulge. “Mmmm I can see you want to. Look at your cock, Daddy. It wants my little pussy too.”You move over to me, just barely in view of the camera with an obvious bulge and a blush on your face. Moaning, “At least let me suck your cock, show them what a good little cocksucker I am, Daddy, please.”I reach for your pants, and undo the top button. I look up at you to make sure, looking into your eyes and you give me a nervous nod. I turn to look into the camera as I unbutton the rest and tug them down and giggle as your cock springs out. Shifting on my knees, my ass sways as my eyes get big and eager. “You look so thick.” I bite my lip and sit back on my feet, looking up at you as I place my hand on your stomach, licking my lip before I lean forward and lifting my ass a little off my feet. I open my mouth and cover your cock until it reaches the thickest part, where I have to touch, immediately sucking hard, my cheeks indenting and pulling back up to the head slow. My head tilts up, bending your cock with me. I let my teeth drag along your head and let the camera watch as you tense and I see you bite your lip. My hands on your hips move you a little to the right, to give the camera a better view. Spitting on your smooth head and pushing it back along the top of your cock with my tongue, I pull back and sit on my socked feet, glancing up at you and then looking at the camera as I suck your head into my mouth almost with a pop. Humming and bobbing down to where you start to get thicker and up to the flare of your head.My eyes fix on the camera as I bob down over your thickest part and gag. I suck and pull back up, my lips closing on your tip but not quite pulling off. Bobbing back down, my eyes up and locked on yours as I take you in further, then darting to the camera and back to yours with the first swallow on your head. My hand cups your big heavy balls as you gasp and hiss, “Fuck,” at me and I keep swallowing.I arch my back and sway my ass for you and my only fans. I look directly at the camera and pull up your cock, nice and slow, popping off with strings of spit connecting us. Pant before I suck you back in and my mouth slides back down. I hum on your pretty cock until I have to swallow and gulp. I push you all the way in as I squeeze at your balls hard and hum on your full cock, and then pull back quickly, pulling off.Flicking my tongue over your head as you say, “Holy fuck, Alex, are you trying to get me to cum in your mouth? Damn, you are driving me crazy.” My warm little mouth and hand makes your balls tingle. You moan, “Fuck, you look so fucking hot sucking my cock like that and I like you putting on such a good show for the camera. Holy fuck, Alex.” Popping off your cock, I look up at you with my hands on my thighs. “Will you fuck me for the camera, Daddy?” Before you can answer I move onto my hands and knees and arch my ass up. I cross my ankles and rub my hand up and down your bare thigh, licking y
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our tip as I lower my head down. I look up at you with a wet pink mouth and innocent eyes and ask, “Please will you fuck me? They want to see a thick cock in my little pussy. Show them how wet you get it, Daddy.”You groan but don’t move. I rub my face and nose on the underside of your cock. “Please, my tight little cunt is so needy.”You say, “How can I resist such a good girl and so cute,” and make me smile into your cock as you move behind me and pull my shorts down quickly, dragging them all the way over my ankles and off.You tilt my ass a little to show off my puffy pink lips and round ass to the camera. Pouting and squirming, I get impatient. “Are you going to fuck me in my pot socks, Daddy? You going to fill me and then coat me in cum for my fans?” You move me so our profiles are to the camera and then rub your head on my slick lips. You grip my hips and I push back on your head before you can slide all the way in with one hard stroke. You groan and tell me, “You are so tight and wet. You feel so good.”You thrust in and almost all the way out as I giggle knowing you won't last long. Your head in my pussy and then a shove and the rest of your cock is stretching me and filling me and then almost out again. My back arches in response. I smirk at the camera as I clench my pussy on your thick dick. My tits drag along the bed for my fans. I look right in the camera as you thrust into my little pussy hard and my pigtails sway. You slap my little teasing ass and I jerk and gasp, “Fuck, Daddy, you feel so good, so thick and big. I feel so full when you go deep like that.”My head settles a little lower onto the bed, my cheek pushed into it with my face turned towards the camera. You give me long hard thrusts, my ass bouncing a little and the sounds of your hips hitting me mix with our moans and the wet noises. “Are you going to make me cum for them, Daddy? Make my eyes roll back while they watch?”You try to keep your pace of long strokes but you have to go faster as my words make you groan and force you to hold back, your thrusts getting a little shorter. My nails dig into the bed, pulling at the sheets as I push back on your cock; I can't help it, inching back and clenching, barely letting you thrust for a second as I bite my lip and my eyes close. You reach forward and grab a pigtail in each hand jerking my head back. I grind my ass against you and take your cock even deeper. Reaching back to spread my ass, for you, and so the camera can see the red lines of my nails digging into my cheeks before they bounce back together. You thrust harder and faster. I grab at you, wiggle my ass on you and clench hard, holding it. I groan, a long groan and open my eyes just barely. You tilt my head to the camera by my pigtails so they can watch me moan and drool and whimper as my mouth hangs open. Your body tenses as your hips pump into me.My back arches and my face lifts as I push back on you and cum. I moan and shake and claw at the bed, my feet kicking as I whimper, “Daddy.”You hiss, “Alex,” as you blush and throb in my tight little cumming pussy.“They want Daddy to fill me with cum. My hot fucking manager. They want to see how messy you can make the little pussy they pay to see.”You move me so I am facing the camera and you are thrusting into me from behind, so they can watch my face contort as I tense up. You fuck me harder, your hips blurring as you forget the camera and just take me. Drool falls from my mouth onto the bed as I blush at them. I reach out for the camera like it is another guy and ask, “Do you want to fuck me next?”You throb and grunt as I ask, “Can I have Daddy’s cum? Daddy's warm snow filling my pussy? Prove that it is well used.”I feel you lean over me and erupt in my tight little pussy, driving your cock deep into me. I reach under us to grab your balls and milk them into my cute little pussy as you twitch and gasp and pump me full of warm cum. My head wobbles as I pant and flush and my little greedy cam cunt milks your cock dry. “Will you show them, Daddy? Will you show them my used pussy? Make them have to pay extra to see you spread my cummy pink lips as a little oozes and globs out?”You pull out still hard and shiny and then turn me so my ass is to the camera. “Spread your legs wide.” I do as I am told and you spread my used messy lips with your fingers and show all the pervs and pervettes my little used pussy as your cum seeps out of it, warm white cum dripping out of my pussy onto the bed. “Spread your cheeks.” You move back to my mouth and have me clean your cock as it gets soft, my dripping little pussy bobbing in and back from the camera as I lick you clean. Spread for everyone to pay to see. You pat me on the head as I lick my lips and look up at you and back at the camera and smirk before turning it off and collapsing to count my money.    

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