She Loves To Fuck Two Young Sisters

She Loves To Fuck Two Young Sisters

The craigslist ad was in the MW4M section."Couple seeking bi man to take husband to the next level. She uses strap-on on him, now she wants him to experience cock for first time." The contact info indicated that they lived in my own town.There were a couple of pics attached. She was equipped with a big shiny black rubber cock poking out from under the hem of a short latex skirt. Tiny frame, nice titties. The mask she was wearing didn't disguise the fact that she was attractive. He was bent over, wearing panties drawn down to his thighs and spreading the slim cheeks of his smooth ass. No face, but it was a turn-on.I'd never done anything bisexual, but had spent considerable time thinking about it. They were local, could host, and I was aroused by the thoughts of what we could do together.I hit 'reply'.We traded emails, and a couple of phone calls. They were Mel and Tim. My name is Bruce.  We were all interested and decided to take the next step, which was a virtual meeting via Skype.I saw them, they saw me. We got naked. They sat and watched as I stripped and stroked myself for their entertainment. This was another first for me, although I didn't indicate to Mel and Tim that I was overcoming any inhibitions to display myself. In truth, it didn't take much effort; it was an erotic experience and I know I have nothing of which to be ashamed.I'm a big, fit guy with a big, big dick. Nearly every girl I've fucked has told me it is the biggest she ever had. I'm proud of it, not that I have anything to do with its magnificence. Its girth is proportionate to its length and the head is well-shaped. I shave my pubes, which makes it look even bigger.I watched them watching me on my monitor. Mel gently stroked herself between her thighs, telling Tim how much she wanted to see me fuck his ass with my huge cock. Tim got hard, watching me. His cock was only about half the size of mine. "Do you want this, Tim?" I asked him, standing close to the cam."I think so, Bruce.""Yes!" from Mel. "Yes, he wants it. He wants you to fuck him."It was then that I understood who was most interested in the prospect. Mel was the one who had introduced the strap-on to her and her husband's sex life. Tim was under her command.I confessed that although I'd often fantasized about this, it would be a first-time experience for me. It could have been a deal-breaker, but I think that was probably what clinched it - they invited me to their house. Before we ended the Skype call, I masturbated for them. I let them watch as I stroked my big hard cock to orgasm. Mel had three slim fingers deep inside her pussy by the time I climaxed and Tim had already shot his cum all over his hairless chest. The day came. I popped a Viagra the moment I pulled up outside their home. Not because I need it to perform, but because it is the best recreational drug ever invented. I intended to maximize that afternoon's delights.Since Mel was the domme and Tim the sub in their relationship, I'd decided that I would be slightly more dominant than Mel during our encounter. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to fuck both of them. I hadn't told them this but, from watching Mel while I showed them my cock, I was sure she wanted it up her pussy as much as she wanted to see her husband's ass stretched around it. Well, that was the hope. Even though I'd seen them on screen and knew they were both petite, I was surprised by how small they were. I stand about 6'2". I guessed Tim to be 5'6". Mel is no more than five feet tall, but she has a fierce way about her. Clearly, Mel is in charge of Tim in all things. Anyway, I towered over them both as they greeted me at the door.There were a few minutes of awkward small talk. Nobody seemed to know what we should do. Mel offered coffee but I was feeling the Viagra kick in. I decided I should exert myself. "No thanks, I want to get you two into bed.""Us two?" Mel asked."I want you both." Tim seemed shocked. He must have acceded to Mel's wish to see him getting ass-fucked, but hadn't thought about having some other man fuck his wife. I could tell that his last vestiges of manhood wanted to put up some resistance. He began to say something but Mel spoke over him."Good. I want your cock, Bruce." Tim seemed to fold in upon himself. It was cruel, perhaps, but it was in keeping with the roles we were playing and I felt empowered.We went to their bedroom and got naked. My erection stood huge and stiff. I sat on the end of the bed and spread my legs."Tim, come here and suck my cock."He knelt in front of me, between my open thighs. "Suck it, sweetie." Mel directed.He reached up and his hand went around my shaft. Then his other hand. Even grasping me like a baseball bat, there was more of my cock available for him to suck. He parted his lips and lowered his mouth onto me. Mel was loving it."That's a good boy. Suck him good."It was grammatically incorrect but, in the heat of passion, only a pedant would have mentioned it. He took one hand away and swallowed more of my cock. He was getting into it, and so was I. Having this petite man sucking me off, while his domineering firecracker of a wife looked on, was hugely erotic."Now you, Mel. I want you to suck my cock while Tim watches." She saw what I was doing. She already got off on making her husband submit; now she was to partner with me, increasing his humiliation.It was a turn-on for both of us. Although I'm not really a dominant person, I was enjoying this role-play. Tim watched as Mel sucked me and I beckoned him over. He came and stood beside where I was sitting. I turned towards him, reached my arm between his thighs, put my hand on his ass and then pulled his crotch to my face. I opened my lips and began sucking my first cock. Tim's hands went to my head and I felt him running his fingers through my hair as he thrust himself into my mouth. He was looking down at his wife sucking me off, but I was giving him a measure of self-respect back by letting him face-fuck me while she did it.  Letting him? Not really. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.Tim was very excited. He held my head tightly and I felt him getting ready to cum. I didn't want him to shoot in my mouth so I broke away and took his small cock in my big mitt of a hand and jerked him to orgasm. I squeezed the cheeks of his ass as I finished him off. I aimed his dick so he would shoot onto my chest and felt his little buttocks clench as each spurt splashed onto my torso. Mel had taken my cock out of her mouth and was gently stroking it while she looked up and watched her husband cumming."Clean him up, baby".Tim moved as though to go and get a towel or something but my hand was still up between his legs and the flat of my palm against his buttocks kept him from getting away."No Tim, lick it off me." Mel grinned. We were on the same wavelength. "Lick it up, Timmie, you know you like the taste of cum." Well of course. With Mel as his wife, she'd have had him eating his own cum, probably since their wedding night. Mel stood and went into the en suite bathroom. I removed my arm from between Tim's legs so that he could more easily bend to his task. While he licked and sucked up the cum that was on my chest, his hand reached down and he stroked my erection.I caressed his back and the curve of his slim ass and, as I did so, Tim parted his legs. He was sending me a non-verbal invitation. My middle finger slipped between his buttocks and he wiggled slightly. While his wife was out of the room, he was tacitly telling me that he was more than a reluctant participant here, as if his continued, eager stroking of my hard, fat cock wasn't enough of a clue.My fingers curled deeper between his cheeks and I was soon tickling his anus. "Oh god, Bruce. I love that.""Eager boy. I'm going to fuck you later. I'm going to fuck you with that big meat you're holding."His grip on my cock tightened. He stroked a little faster. "But first I'm going to fuck your wife while you watch." The idea seemed to have sunk in with Tim. In fact, he seemed to be more than just okay with it. He stroked my big cock faster and harder still. He licked up the last of his cum, but lingered in his bent-over position. My hand was still on his ass, gripping his cheek. Squeezing the flesh. My finger was still tickling his anus. His tongue traced a line to my pecs and he sucked on my nipples. From the corner of my eye, I saw Mel return from the bathroom. She had put on the latex skirt and dildo that I had seen in the craigslist ad. My hand came out from between Tim's legs and I lay back on the bed, pulling him over and then down on top of me. His skinny legs straddled my muscular thighs. His knees were bent at my hips and his bare ass was up in the air. His face was level with mine. His wet, cummy cock was rubbing against my monster erection.I held him in my arms and kissed him full on the lips, tasting the last of his cum on his mouth. Pushing my tongue into his mouth made me feel utterly dominant, even as I lay under him.  My arms encircled his back and he was immobilized. Whether he wanted to avoid the pegging that was about to happen or not, he had no choice. I think it excited him. Mel's psychological dominance was being enhanced by his actual physical inability to move. Mel came up behind him and I felt him tense as she applied lubricant to his sphincter. He knew what was coming. She'd fucked him like this before: he, bent over on the bed; her, wielding a big rubber cock behind him. Only today, he was to be in the embrace of a big strong man as he suffered his violation. She slowly pressed herself onto him. My mouth remained on his and I sensed every inch of the strapon as it went deeper. His reactions transmitted themselves though our touching bodies. Our mouths were locked together and his moans vibrated against my lips and tongue. Mel was into it. She fucked her husband with gusto."This is what you like isn't it Timmie?" thudding her whole tiny frame against her husband's ass."You love my cock don't you?" Thump, thump, thump.I maintained a tight hold. His tongue played against mine. He moaned agreement to his wife's demeaning questions. I reached down Tim's slim body and grasped the cheeks of his ass. Pulling them apart and letting Mel fuck him even harder and deeper.Tim's hands came up. He lifted himself onto his forearms, never breaking our French kiss, and he held my head once more. Again, I felt his fingers in my hair.  Mel kept up her pounding. I kept Tim's ass cheeks spread. Tim kept kissing me with a wild passion.I felt his cock stiffening. The motion caused by Mel's thrusts was rubbing our cocks together. Suddenly, Tim came again. He tensed. His fingers tightened. He bucked his loins against me and I felt his cum squirting onto my belly. His mouth left mine and he arched his back."Yes! Yes! Cumming!" Mel shoved one last mighty shove and collapsed on top of her husband. They both collapsed on top of me. Mel's hands were hooked
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under Tim's armpits, holding his shoulders. Tim was caressing my head. I still had his ass under the palms of my hands.The loving couple began to get heavy and I had to roll over to my side. They toppled off and separated. From the disappointed look on his face, I knew the moment when the strap-on left Tim's asshole.  Even though Mel had probably coerced him the first time, or even the first few times, he'd obviously come to like it. "Don't worry Tim. I give you something else soon," I murmured, "but first..."I lifted him bodily over me and rolled towards Mel."Take that off, I need access to your cunt."I was going to demand things of her. She was used to being top dog, but she was going to learn to enjoy being on the receiving end.She stood and stripped off the strap-on harness."Finger yourself so we can both watch.""What?""You're going to be getting a show; it's only fair that you give us one.""No.""Do it!""I don't want to.""I don't care."I sat up and gripped her wrist, then pulled her down over my knee. She had a fiery temperament but her tiny frame was no match for me. I laid one good hard slap on her bare ass."Are you going to let us watch you masturbate?""I don't want to!"Slap! Slap, slap slap slap. Her ass cheeks were reddening."Ow!!"Slap!"Tim, stop him!"As if. He may have felt he should defend his wife, but he was obviously enjoying seeing her suffer some humiliation for the first time. He looked me in the eye, nodded for me to continue and winked."No, Bruce, stop!" he said, halfheartedly at best.I got into it and slapped Mel's ass again. "Try and stop me, Tim! You can't. Mel can though. Just give us a little show, Mel."Slap! Tim rubbed himself while I reddened the cheeks of his wife's ass."Well?" I asked."No," was Mel's reply. But there was diminished resolve in her voice.I caressed her ass for a few seconds and then SLAP! gave her another. "Stop! Okay!"I allowed her to stand. Her hand went to her pussy and she began fingering her clitoris."Spread your legs."She complied."Put a finger inside yourself."She complied again. She complied with everything."Another finger." "Another.""Try and fist yourself."She tried, but could only manage four fingers. Tim and I sat next to each other at the edge of the bed and watched as Mel shoved as much of her hand as she could between her glistening pussy lips and into her vagina. I felt his hand reach across and stroke my big cock as I directed his wife to entertain us.Mel stood there. Legs spread wide. Hunched over.She kept on ramming her fingers deep inside herself.Over and over. In and in. Grinding. She looked up and watched her husband stroking my cock until she was close to orgasm. At the last moment, she pulled her fingers out of her wet cunt and furiously rubbed her clit. There were great shuddering heaves of her shoulders. Her knees buckled slightly. We stared at her. Tim stopped stroking my cock but left his hand on me. We stared in awe as we watched his wife cum. "Wow, Mel, I'd call that a good show." I was hot for her, now.She came to the bed and flopped, face down. I bent and kissed her ass all over. A genuinely spectacular ass it was, too. "Tim, come and help soothe your wife's suffering."He bent down and gently kissed his wife's scarlet buttocks. I directed his head between her cheeks. "Tongue her rosebud, Tim. Give her a reward." Held the back of his head and began grinding his face into her ass.I moved up to the head of the bed and fed my big cock into Mel's mouth, slipping it in and out. "Are you ready for my cock Mel?" "Mfff"In and out. Wet mouth."Do you want it?""Mmmm."Moist, plump lips."Want it in your hot cunt?""Yffff" It was a relief. I couldn't have waited much longer. I pulled my cock from her mouth, rolled her onto her back and climbed up onto her.  She was so small; so delicate. I lifted her legs up and apart and rested them on my shoulders. "Tim, get in close. Come watch me fuck your wife."Mel's eyes twinkled. Tim reluctantly came over, but his fascination with my enormous cock was obvious. He gripped my shaft.He wanted to feed my cock into his wife's pussy. He moved my cock and placed it at her opening. I lowered myself and the head of my penis entered her. She looked up at me with fear in her eyes. Nothing this big had ever penetrated her little cunt. Even her four fingers together were smaller than my cock. Tim's fist was still around the base of my shaft. I went deeper. Tim could feel me entering his wife, ever deeper, until he had to take his hand away. He moved behind me, then, so that he could watch my fat cock distending his wife's pussy lips. I kept pushing deeper until my entire monster length was impaling in her sweet, wet, warm hole. Finally, I began fucking her.I went slow and steady, at first. I was above her; between her legs. I held both her tiny wrists in one of my big hands. Pinning her arms above her head. By that and by her legs trapped on my shoulders, she was unable to get away.She lay there looking up into my eyes, utterly at my mercy. Soon enough, I saw her anxiety give way to pleasure. Her attempt at self-fisting had helped make her more able to accommodate my girth. She began to buck her hips up to meet my increasingly frenzied thrusts.She was moaning and mumbling. "Mmm, yes. Oh god. Fucking fuck."Then I reached down, gripped Mel's ass and stood. She was so small and light. It was easy to stand with her legs on my shoulders and her ass in my hands and her tight cunny filled by my cock. Her arms snaked around my neck and she brought her cheek to mine. I felt her hot breath as she whispered in my ear."So good. So good. I love your cock. So good."I rocked her up and down on me. In and out of her pussy. Tim got up and moved behind me. I felt his hands on my ass. He was kneading my ass as I fucked his wife. I lay her back down on the bed and Tim's hands stayed with me. Then he replaced them with his tongue. At first, he was just kissing and licking my cheeks, but then he moved and began tonguing my ass, the way he had been doing Mel's, earlier. I felt his tongue against my asshole and it took me over the top. I came. I didn't stop my thrusting as I unleashed a torrent of cum into Mel's pussy. Fucking into her and cumming, all the while feeling Tim's tongue at my backdoor. Fragmentary thoughts fleeted through my mind. Cumming hard. Flooding Mel's guts. Hard cum. Hot cum pulsing out of me, into her. As my orgasm subsided, I gently lowered myself onto her tiny frame with a few, final, involuntary spasms of my entire body. My cock remained deep in Mel's cunt. Tim's tongue stayed buried in my ass. That, combined with the effects of the magic blue pill, kept my penis rock-hard and ready for more. I quickly gathered myself and reached back to take Tim's hand, hauling him up onto the bed next to us. I got up onto my knees and my cock slipped out of Mel's slick pussy. I rolled onto my back and told Tim to clean our juices off my cock. He readily complied. Mel leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Our first kiss, after all that. We watched as her husband sucked the cum off my cock. I looked down over the length of his naked body to his smooth, boyish ass. I was ready for him now. In fact, I was eager. I wanted to fuck this slight man. I wanted to feel my cock entering him."How do you want it, Tim?"My cock slid from his mouth. He didn't hesitate:"On my back."He climbed up the bed, lay down, then grabbed the backs of his knees in each hand and spread his legs, high and wide. I knelt between his thighs."Will you do the honors, Mel?"She sat up, took my hard cock in her little hand and placed it against her husband's asshole. I felt her other hand on my ass, pressing me into him. Tim was well lubricated from Mel's earlier strapon attack. The head of my engorged penis slipped into him. My cock is bigger that the strapon they had been using and Tim moaned in a little discomfort but the whimpering quickly changed to the unmistakable sounds of pleasure.Both husband and wife were completely transfixed."Oh, yes!" from Mel."Oh, sweet Jesus." from Tim.More pressure came from Mel's hand and I pushed more of my hard cock into her husband's tight ass.I leaned down. Whispered into Tim's ear."You like cock, Tim?""Yes.""You like my cock?""Yes.""You want to be fucked?""Yes!""Do you want to be fucked by a big, strong man?""Yes! Fuck me. Give it to me, Bruce!"I didn't need Mel's hand to press me into him now. I wanted to fuck him so bad... right away. I was filled with prurient urgency. I pushed myself into him. Deeper and deeper. I felt his ass stretch around my big cock. His slippery hole accepted me further and I lowered my body down onto his. My cock fully went into his ass as he lay on his back, holding his legs wide.Mel's hand caressed my bum as I ground myself into her husband. I was fucking her husband, as she'd planned, as she'd wanted when she'd placed the ad.She stared intently, seeing my cock pistoning in and out of Tim's ass, and then I made the same manoeuvre I had with Mel. I raised Tim's legs onto my shoulders, gripped his butt cheeks in my big palms and lifted him. I stood in their bedroom with Tim in my arms and my cock deep in his ass. I walked from the bed to the mirrored closet and watched myself fucking him. I liked seeing my cock buried in Tim's ass. Then I turned around and let him watch over my shoulder. My fit, strong back. My buttocks clenching as I rocked him up and down on my steely cock.Mel's hand returned to my bum, and I felt her fingers slip between my cheeks and find my anus.It was my turn to moan."You like that, Bruce?""What do you think, Mel?"I felt her press a finger past my anal opening, exciting me considerably. As I stood there in their bedroom with Tim's ass impaled by my massive cock and his wife's finger in my ass, I came again. Standing up. Shooting my cum into Tim. Gripping his cheeks and spreading them so my cock could enter him even more deeply. I spurted cum into Tim and he held on, his arms tight around my neck. He brought his mouth onto mine. Crushing his lips against my mine as I fucked him and came inside him. I fucked and fucked and came and came, until I felt my legs weaken at last. I lowered Tim onto his back on the bed and my cock popped out. I stood up again. Mel stood beside me. We both looked down at Tim as he lay there with his legs splayed. He made no effort to close them or to pretend that what had just happened hadn't happened. He had been fucked by another man. His wife had arranged it. My cum dribbled out of his asshole and down between his cheeks. He smiled up at us, silently acknowledging and embracing his status. "Did you like it, Mel?" he asked."Yes, baby. You made mama very happy."And they'd both made me very happy. I can't wait for the next time. We all already know there will be a next time. Moreover, since Mel helped me find out something I didn't know I likedd, I think I might get to experience her strap-on for myself.      

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