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I counted eight tentacles in total coming through as they twisted in the air.  How many did the creature have?  That question and thought were quickly lost in the haze of arousal.  I leaned back slightly more hoping to present myself better.  The tentacles were already through the mirror and positioning themselves around me.  The soft hum of arousal coursed through my body as I looked at the mass of swirling black before me.  The tentacles began to trace paths along my body slowly creating light lines of the slime on my skin.  It did not take long before the effects of the slime began.  The way the tentacles were softly touching me and tracing themselves over my body was like some sort of foreplay.  Or perhaps they were teasing me knowing exactly what I wanted and were making me behave for it.One of the black tendrils finally began to wrap itself around my right breast, giving it some slight squeezes.  Two more tentacles took up positions on either side of my neck and to wrap themselves around my neck loosely in opposing directions.  They gently pulled and pushed their lengths creating a soothing rub along my neck with the tips caressing the sides of my face.  Another tentacle decided to find its home with my left breast.  It began to rub itself across my breast slathering it with its slime before creating a sort of cupping motion with itself.  The sudden onslaught of multiple tentacles on my body was pure bliss.  Letting myself go to enjoy their touch and sensations was what I had always needed to do.  Another tentacle found itself between my legs and gracefully traced the lips of my pussy with its tip adding its slime.  That tentacle had to feel the heat coming from my slit, it had to know what it desired.  Still, it teased me with slow and deliberate motions on my lips just barely making contact.  Another tentacle began gingerly rubbing itself on my pubic mound.  A gentle back and forth motion was quickly driving me crazy.  I wanted to try and buck or move my hips enough that it would be rubbing my tentacle but I needed to let the tentacles do what they had to do.  Another two tentacles each found my ears and began to caress them with light strokes.This lasted for a few minutes, the tentacles simply holding, caressing, and feeling my body.  They were focused on my pleasure and were ensuring that I was in the mood.  I didn't hold back my moans or sighs one bit.  With each touch and embrace, I vocalized how I felt and what they were making me feel.  There was no point in holding back, no reason to hide anything.  Just when I couldn't wait any longer, one of the tentacles leisurely slid itself just barely between my pussy lips.  It was barely invading my lips but with all of the teasing and my desire, it was as if a firework had gone off.  I threw my head back while pulling my lips in and softly biting them while exhaling hard.  The tentacle between my legs seemed to be in no hurry whatsoever as it lazily slid itself between my folds knowing that it wasn't enough for me.  The other tentacles across my body began to keep a sort of pace with the tentacle between my legs.  Squeezing, caressing, or sliding in time with the back and forth of the tentacle so close to my core.  My hips instinctively began to keep pace with the tentacle desperately trying to achieve any more pleasure they could.  The tentacle between my legs withdrew itself to my severe disappointment and snaked its way around my body so that it was now positioned behind me.  I didn't understand why it had stopped or what it was doing.  The tentacle then guided itself between my legs from behind returning itself to its place between my lips, only deeper this time.  As it pushed its length between my lips the tip of it curled upwards and found my clit.  After so much teasing and anticipation, the contact sent powerful electrical shocks through my body.  It began a rhythm of pushing and pulling itself between my lips while also rubbing my clit with each motion.  "Oh my God, yes!  Uhh!" Came screaming from my lips.  There was no more restraint nor would there likely ever be any.  What I was feeling, no how I was feeling was so intense.  No man, toy, or even I had ever made me feel this good.  The amazing thing was that this was only the preamble.  The main event had not even begun yet."You will submit to me.  You will submit all of yourself to me."The voice boomed in my head but I could barely focus on it.  My body was ablaze with passion and it was drowning out what seemed like all of my higher functions.  There was solely one thing that my mind could seem to focus on, the only thing that mattered.  How to keep this pleasure going."You want this more than you have wanted anything else.  You know that submitting to me will give you the pleasure that you had not ever imagined possible."The tentacles began to gradually increase their pace, continuing to push the very line of pleasure I thought possible.  There was no end to what I could feel and earn from this creature.  I couldn't stop my moaning while the creature spoke in my head but it didn't matter, I could hear it perfectly in my head.  "Look at yourself, you want nothing more than this.  To be used by me and to live with this pleasure each day of your existence.  All you must do is submit to me."The two tentacles slightly tightened their grip around my neck, just enough to give me a tight squeeze but not harm me in any way.  Another guttural moan escaped slightly distorted by the pressure.  The remaining tentacles again picked up their speed, pace, and intensity.  I could feel my muscles becoming weak under me.  As I held myself there for the creature they strained to ensure that the pleasure didn't have to stop.  My legs were getting tight and my abs and core were fatigued.  It didn't matter though.  The tentacle between my legs withdrew from my clit, replaced almost instantly with the tip of another tentacle.  The tentacle now positioned itself at my warm opening lightly pushing itself against my opening, causing me to stretch slightly.  Alas, the tentacle went no further and instead slowly twitched itself back and forth at my opening.A tentacle that I had not noticed before had been positioned right in front of me.  The tip of the tentacle opened slightly and sprayed more of my upper torso with a fine coating of slime.  It twisted itself and gave another spray covering my lower half.  My body immediately felt the effects of the slime and my entire body become so sensitive.Without missing a beat the creature pushed the tentacle between my legs inside of me.  Pushing an inch in then pulling it out only to add another inch and repeat.  The tentacles across my body had a new intensity about them. They assaulted my body without holding anything back.  A tentacle that was about five inches in diameter pushed itself through the mirror and began a path towards my pussy.  I didn't even respond, lost in the unending pleasure that the creature was providing me.  The thick tentacle dropped between my legs but did not try to get inside of me.  Instead, it hugged between my legs sliding itself up between my cheeks, and began to wrap itself around my abdomen.  The large tentacle quickly created two coils around my body.  It started with a corkscrew shape around my abdomen and then twirled itself around my chest between my breasts.  Before I could figure out what it was doing I felt myself rising off of the floor.  The large tentacle was lifting my body.If my head could have focused on anything else I might have wondered how strong these tentacles were to be able to lift me so effortlessly.  I was no longer capable of that thought at this moment.  The large tentacle lifted my body so that I was now a few feet off of the floor.  My muscles in my arms and legs thanked me along with my core.  As the tentacle lifted me each of the other tentacles that were on my body followed the motion.  There wasn't even a second where anything had stopped while I was lifted.  Once I was off the ground my arms and legs hung limply at my sides while my master worked my body.  The tentacle inside of me had finally worked the full length of what it was going to give inside of me.  It began to pull itself out almost completely before pushing itself deep inside of me again.  It found the perfect pace and twisted itself inside of me as it entered and exited me.  The motion and slime now inside of me was sending me careening towards my orgasm.  The tentacle on my left breast removed itself causing me to glance at why it had left.  It was replaced with another tentacle with a wider tip than the one that had left.  I recognized it as its three folds opened up showing the soft bumpy skin on the inside.  Like before the tentacle encompassed my breast and began a gentle squeezing and sucking motion.  My erect nipple met the tentacle opening and was happily swallowed up by it so that it could enjoy its caress.  The hundreds or thousands of small bumps within the tentacles mouth pulsed and contracted on my breast.  I moaned out in pleasure, not even sure that I could use words.  This was the most primal expression of what I was feeling and that was all I could achieve.  The tentacle that was fucking me increased its pace a little bit, somehow it had been perfect before but now it was even more perfect.  With some effort, I lifted my arms up and began to work more of the slime that had been sprayed on me, across my body.  I spread it across any inch of my body that I could reach and that wasn't covered by tentacles.  The mere sensation of my hand against my own skin was more than I had ever felt in my life before.  I saw another tentacle that I recognized emerge from the mirror joining the swirling mass before me.  It was the smaller version of the tentacle that was currently attached to my left breast.  It opened its flaps, strings of slime running between the flaps as it moved into position above my opening.  Yes, do it.  Just wrap it around my clit.  I am yours.  These were some of the thoughts rushing through my mind.  The tentacle closed its flaps around my clit and began to suck on it.  I threw my head back and screamed out.  No words, just sounds, and grunts."You will submit to me."The back of my mind kept screaming yes, but I couldn't have cared less.  I bucked my hips to the tentacle deep within my pussy.  No matter how I moved my hips the tentacle was always able to perfectly match it with a perfect move or twist.  My body lay in the coils of the tentacle on fire, arms hanging limply again.Throughout I would close my eyes as wave upon wave of endless pleasure crashed over me like a tsunami.  At one point I opened my eyes to a tentacle hovering mere inches from my mouth.  Without even having to think I leaned my head closer to it and it moved to close the rest of the difference.  I reached up with my right hand and held the tentacle.  I stuck my tongue out and tentatively licked the tip of the tentacle.  As I pulled my tongue away from the tip a long strand of slime followed briefly connecting my tongue to the tentacle.  The strand broke as I pulled my tongue in my mouth and closed my lips.  My eyes went wide and I couldn't believe that I had not thought to put any of the slime in my mouth before.  The euphoric effects of the slime were different now that I had consumed them, more intense and encompassing.  Just the small lick that I had was already acting stronger than any aphrodisiac that I could imagine existed.  My pupils dilated as my breathing got much deeper.  It was as if my entire body had been sexually charged.  I couldn't even put into words or thought what I was feeling.I quickly pulled the tentacle closer to my mouth and began licking as much of the length as I could.  These were not gentle ice cream licks, these were desperate and starved licks.  The slime was sweet almost like some sort of candy syrup, yet warm in my mouth.  I continued to lap at the tentacle of the creature mixing my saliva with the slime as I tried to consume as much as I could.  The tentacle twisted and turned in my hand, always allowing me the best access to it and the slime coating it.  Finally, I realized that there was a better way for me to go about doing this.  With a gentle pull on the tentacle serving as a suggestion to the creature, I opened my mouth wide.  The tentacle wasted no time in moving forward as I closed my mouth around it, wrapping my lips tightly on it.I immediately began to work my tongue on the underside of the tentacle licking off some more of the slime that was there.  While my tongue worked on the bottom, I created suction in my mouth pulling my mouth tight to the tentacle as my head began to bob back and forth on it.  Whether it was instinct or muscle memor
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y I brought both of my hands up around the portion of the tentacle just outside my lips and began to stroke it in rhythm with my head bobbing.  My moans were muffled by the appendage filling my mouth coated with that nectar.  As I continued to work the tentacle in my mouth I could feel the effects of the slime I had consumed spreading.  My entire body started to feel hot.  It wasn't temperature-wise like a fever, but rather a sexual charge creating the heat.  Had my brain been capable of any thought at that moment I may have realized that the slime was acting as some sort of powerful aphrodisiac.The consumption of it had allowed the effects to spread through my body easier.  This only strengthened the sexual fog in my mind.  The tentacle in my mouth withdrew itself, sliding through my slime coated hands with ease.  Disappointment quickly washed over me at my now empty mouth.  The tentacle that had been in my mouth brought itself close to the nape of my neck.  It then began to coil itself once around my neck, gliding effortlessly across my skin causing goosebumps and a chill to run through my body.  Once the tentacle had completed a single coil around my neck it continued to pull itself around my neck so that there was a length of the tentacle free at the end of the coil.  At the same time, the two tentacles that had been wrapped around my neck withdrew to trace other parts of my body.The tentacle around my neck slightly tightened around my neck like a snake constricting its prey.  The pressure was slight though, more of a firm hold around my neck showing the creature's strength and control of the situation, of me.  The free end of the tentacle curved itself upward and returned itself to my mouth.I eagerly swallowed the tentacle in my mouth again with one hand grabbing the appendage and stroking it.  Letting the slime accumulate and drip from my hand as I worked its length.  My other hand found my breast that wasn't enveloped by the tentacle mouth and began to squeeze it.  The tentacle that had been wrapped around my underboob continued to lift and squeeze my breast.  It also began to wrap itself around my hand that was working that tit.  It loosely coiled itself around my wrist and forearm.  I had long ago lost any restraint or care as my suppressed moans, grunts, and screams of erotic bliss erupted from my filled mouth.  How could I have ever wanted to fight this feeling?  This wasn't an evil creature trying to harm me or kill me.  All it wanted was to give me pleasure and bliss that I could never have had or even dreamt of.  There was nothing wrong with that, but I had thought at some point there was.  Why would I have thought that?It seemed as if that thought alone had caused another electric charge to shoot through my body resulting in me screaming, "Oh my God ahhh."  To anyone who could have heard that I am sure it came off as barely discernible as English as the tentacle continued to work itself in my mouth.  My hips began to buck more in time with the tentacle burying itself in my wet slit.  The motions were mechanical yet so primal and fevered.  The squishing sounds of the tentacle pushing itself into me and pulling back out mixed with my juices and its slime-filled the room.  It was as if it was a rhythmic heartbeat plunging in and then out of me, pumping the blood that I now needed in my life throughout my body.  "You will submit to me.  Ashley, you know that you want nothing more than to give yourself to me.  This could be your life, no limit to the pleasure you can have.  All you must do is submit.  Is it not worth it?"Everything the creature said was making sense.  It was more than just sense, it was clear facts.  Her mind was screaming to submit and let herself have this.  The tiny part of her mind, perhaps her lizard brain, was still trying to resist.  Alas, it was always only a matter of time until that part of her mind was overruled.  My mind was overloaded from the stimulation, feelings, and signals being sent through my body.  Clouding any logic or thought process.  It wasn't the creature's doing though.  I wanted this state, this bliss and I chose to focus on it.  To let it break down the floodgates and overwhelm me.  I rolled my dazed eyes to the side as I could barely move my body to reposition myself.  Out of the corner of my eye, I was able to see my reflection in the mirror.  Slightly being distorted by the ripples of the mirror around the tentacles moving through it.  My body hung there in the air wrapped in one of the tentacles.  The light from the lights in my bathroom reflected off the strands and layers of slime coating various parts of my body.  Beneath me were several puddles of the slime growing from the dripping coming from my body.  I watched as the tentacles penetrated, sucked, caressed, and pleasured my body.  I heavily exhaled with a short breath as my eyes rolled up and my eyelids closed.  I relaxed my body in the tentacles embrace.  I was inching closer and closer to my orgasm, towards what I needed.  That was all I could focus on."You will submit to me.  Surrender yourself.  Do not fight it, you know what you want.  You will submit to me.""Fine I submit, just please I need this.  Please, just please.""You must submit all of yourself.  Your mind and body.  You must become mine.  Submit."With those final words, something in the back of my mind finally clicked or was silenced.  I released any apprehension, resistance, or worry.  My mind let go, no longer wanting to fight.  Wanting nothing more than to give in.Without so much as a second was wasted before I felt myself finally push past the wall, I had hit so many times these last two days.  The tentacle deep inside of me pumped at an increased rate and intensity.  The tentacles on my breast and clit increased their suction or kneading.  The tentacle in my mouth seemed to be giving off even more slime.  The moment I submitted, my body was wracked with the most intense orgasm that I had ever received in my life.  The pleasure was so forceful it felt as if a world-class boxer had punched my entire being into sexual release.  My legs shook uncontrollably as they hung there in the air.  I threw my head back and let out a lust-filled scream as my eyes rolled back into my head and my eyes closed.  The tentacle in my mouth squirted something in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed all of it.  My master wasn't going to let this orgasm pass quickly, I had earned this.The tentacles of my master continued to please my body holding me in that moment of orgasm.  My mind was awash with nothing but the all-encompassing climax.  Surge after surge shook my body so completely.The tentacle inside my pussy twitched and began to shoot its cum inside of me.  In truth, I didn't know if it was cum, slime, or something else.  It didn't matter to me though.  The tentacle continued to fill me with spurt after spurt while continuing to fuck me.  My master's cum began to seep out around the tentacle within me.  With each thrust more of the seed was pushed out from my pussy, coating my lips and dripping to the ground below.  Another howl came from my mouth as I struggled to absorb all of this, every sensation and feeling.My vision blurred and faded to black.  I opened my eyes again and I was still orgasming.  I couldn't tell if I had blacked out or if any time had passed.  Or even if this wasn't the first blackout.  I have no idea how long I was trapped in that perfect moment stretched by my master.  It didn't matter, it could have been hours and I wouldn't have cared or complained.  My entire body shook violently against the tentacle holding me and the various tentacles on my body.  A thin layer of sweat coated my body as my breathing had been short gasps sucked in through my open mouth that was stuck in the shape of an o.  Lights, fireworks, or flashes were going off in my brain as every neuron within the pleasure center of my brain must have been going off.Finally, the orgasm was too much for me to hold on to.  My vision became unfocused but I couldn't do anything to correct it.  I tried to continue to ride my orgasm, willing myself to.  My vision slowly faded as my eyes closed and I lost consciousness.  My body gave a few final twitches as the orgasm ended, but I was already out by then.The orgasm had been so intense that I had completely passed out.  My limp body held up by the tentacle still wrapped around my body.  The tentacle holding my body moved up further to support my neck that had also gone limp.  The tentacle between my legs pulled itself out with a wet pop, followed by some of my master's cum draining from my soaked pussy.  The tentacle holding my clit released its hold and withdrew itself from my body.  The other mouth of the tentacle that had my left breast opened letting my breast free.  Trails of slime still connected the tentacle mouth to my breast.The tentacle inside my mouth withdrew itself and unwrapped itself from my neck.  The same occurred with the tentacle that had been wrapped around my right arm and breast.  My body was now bare of all my master's tentacles except for the one holding my body up.  Each of the other tentacles began retreating to the mirror, pulling themselves through the reflective surface.  My body glistened with the slime, sweat, and my own juices.  My breathing was short and shallow, gently raising my breasts and pushing my erect nipples further out.  My master let me lay there in his tentacle for a few more minutes as I slept soundlessly.  Then gently the tentacle began to move me through the air.  Perhaps if I had been awake that might have worried me, but in truth, it wouldn't have.  This was my new life, this was what I would live for.  The tentacle carefully twisted me in the air so that my body was now parallel to the mirror.  Then I was floating through the air into my bedroom.  The tentacle extends further and further through the mirror.  It didn't even seem to notice my weight at the end of this tentacle, it was so strong.My bed was unmade from that morning and my blankets were strewn haphazardly across my king-sized bed.  The tentacle held me three feet above my mattress, letting my limp body hang there.  I had completely passed out from my orgasm and there was nothing that could wake me at this point.  "You are mine now.  All that you are is mine.  My will and desires are yours.  You will serve me." Whispered the voice of my master in my head.  No conscious thought greeted those words, but they were absorbed by my mind.  Digested and accepted without question.  My sleep was absolute and restless as I hung there."You are mine.  You are mine when I summon you.  Your life is now my life."With those soft words reverberating in my empty mind the tentacle tentatively lowered my body to my bed.  The mattress accepted my weight as my lifeless limbs pressed into the soft foam.  The tentacle laid me down fully in bed.The tentacle that had carried me to bed and was wrapped around my body began to unravel from my body sliding across my skin as my body and mind slept.  As the tentacle receded my body fully lay in my bed without any support from the tentacle, my head on my pillow.  The tentacle now hovered above my sleeping body as if looking at me.  I lay there in my bed with the slow and measured breathing of sleep.  My body coated in various quantities of slime.  One of my breasts still slightly red from the sucking tentacle, as both of my nipples still stood erect.  My pussy was still soaked with the combination of my own wetness, slime, and my master's cum.  Under that mixture that coated my pussy were my still engorged lips still light pink with desire.  As I lay there more of the cum seeped out from my pussy onto my bed.  As if pleased with what it saw, the tentacle moved to wrap itself around the corner of my blankets, pulling them to cover my wet, warm, and still aroused body.  As the tentacle released the blanket it draped over my body pressing against my body and all that covered it.  The blankets absorbed some of the fluids, but there was plenty all over me.  The tentacle withdrew itself from me and my bedroom pulling itself back to the mirror.  It passed over the puddles of fluids scattered across the bathroom floor.  The musk of sex, arousal, and my master filled the bathroom.  The tentacle returned through the mirror.  The ripples slowly faded as the reflection of my bathroom, my submission, my subjugation, my new life became still.  Copyright © 2021 by Elizabethwrites92All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.  

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