She Fucks Whoever Gives Her Hardest

She Fucks Whoever Gives Her Hardest

I stood outside her door. I was afraid.Afraid of what she might say or not say. I questioned why I was at her place. I tried to imagine what her place looked like and couldn't. Dominique was alternative. She had a new color of hair for every week and clothes that drove me insane. What would her place look like? Dominique had piercings all around both ears and a pierced bottom lip, not to mention the always sexy as hell navel piercing. I wasn't sure about other places. She had tattoos! No one I knew had a tattoo! All this amounted to the big question, why would she want to see me? But she had asked me to come over. The door opened. “Hi Matthew! Can you run to the store for me? Here is some stuff I need. You are a life saver!” Dominique said. She handed me a list and closed the door. I stood there for a moment holding the list and half noticed that she had cut her hair. Jesus. In that brief moment she looked beautiful! I was filled with purpose. My mission was to get her whatever she wanted. Half way to the store it started raining. My only transportation was a bike, so I was soaked by the time I got back up to her apartment. I only knocked once before the door opened and Dominique pulled me inside. “Look at you! You are soaked. Didn't you bring an umbrella? God! Seriously!” “I didn't know it was supposed to rain.” She took the bags from me and pulled me into her kitchen. I stood on her linoleum and held the bags out to her. She giggled as water pooled around my feet. “You are going to have to get out of those clothes. I'll try to get you something else to wear.” She came back with some shorts and held them out to me. They were her shorts. I took them from her and held them up. They were going to be too small. She backed up against her kitchen counter and put her arms behind her. She was dressed in only a very tight black shirt with no sleeves. Apparently she wasn't wearing a bra. She had on little low cut pajama bottoms that cut off barely above her crotch and revealed little orange panties. I couldn't believe how adorable and sexy she looked. “The longer you take to get out of those wet clothes, the more water you are going to have to mop off my floor.” She said. It was true. There was a small puddle forming around my sneakers. “But I'm...” “It's ok, I'm getting used to seeing you with a hard-on. I sort of expect it at this point.” This made me feel bad. Was she offended? Was I pathetic to her? I pouted and looked down at the floor. “Oh don't pout. I like that I turn you on so much.” She said. “Now let's see you naked.” I lifted my head to see her smiling wolfishly. She was beautiful when she smiled and her body was making me so hard it was painful. That top she was wearing was amazing. It encased her smallish breasts like a shell, showing every tiny detail. In fact, the shirt was so tight that she may as well have been topless. On top of all of that, she was leaning back with her arms behind her so that her breasts and tight stomach were thrust out. It was unreal. I wish I could have taken a picture. I quickly took my clothes off. I didn't want to draw it out. She was biting her bottom lip and looking at my erection. My cock pulsed up and down a few times. Pre-cum leaking out the tip. I liked having her attention on me. Suddenly I thought of something and freaked!“Are your parents here?” I asked. She laughed. “No silly. I live here alone. Are you going to put on the shorts I brought you or are you going to stay naked.”“I'll do whatever makes you happy.” I said. “Then stay naked.” She said. “Ok.” “But you can't touch yourself.” She said. I slumped forward. I was eager to masturbate. I could see her body so clearly. Her shirt cut off just above her navel and there was so much wonderful soft white skin between where the shirt stopped and the panties began. It was enough to make me want to take my cock in my hand and stroke one out right there in her kitchen. “Ok, so put your clothes in the dryer.” She said and motioned with her eyes to the small closet at the end of the kitchen, “And get the mop out and clean my floor.” Her eyes never left me. Was she enjoying seeing me clean her floor nude? I was thrilled and turned on and yet so self-conscious at the same time. The only problem was that I kept dripping pre-cum on her floor. I was so turned on by being nude in her apartment that I could barely keep the stuff from flowing. “Is it dripping?” She asked.“I'm sorry. I know. I can't help it.” I apologized. “You are dying to touch it, aren't you?” She asked. “GOD YES!” I screamed. “Ok, come into the living room and sit on the couch.” She said. I followed her out of the kitchen. Her low-cut PJ's didn't cover much of her tiny ass. Just a small square of orange at the top kept her ass from being completely nude. I was dripping down the length of my cock. I wasn't even sure I would be able to last much longer. She grabbed my hands and had me sit down. She pushed my legs together and brought her chest close to my face. Her breasts hovered only inches from my lips under that skin tight black shirt. She placed her hands on my thighs and brought first one, then the other knee beside me. Straddling my legs, she sat down on my thighs. I could feel her soft ass. Her scent pervaded my nostrils and I breathed her in like a drug. She slid down more and more until her hands were on either side of my erect cock. “You get harder than any guy I've ever seen...and wetter! Look at it just running down your cock. Are you even going to last?” She asked. “I...I don't know.” I said. “As soon as you cum, you have to leave.” She said. “THEN I'LL NEVER CUM!” I yelled, “I want to stay with you forever.” Dominique smiled sweetly. Slowly, very slowly, she moved her hands in toward my massively hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and placed her thumb against the underside of my length. I was sticky and slippery with wetness. Her thumb pressed into all that moistness and slipped up until she ran her slick thumb around the opening at the tip of my cock. I shuddered with her touch. My spine straightened and my hands grasped at the cushions on either side of me. I wanted to explode but I couldn't! If I came I would have to leave. I tried to control myself. Dominique moved her hips forward just a touch closer to my cock. Her face closed in. Her hand stayed on my cock and her fingers slipped up and down the length spreading wetness all over. “You are getting my pajamas wet.” She said. “I'm sorry.”“No problem. I'll just have to take them off. Normally I don't wear anything but my PJ bottoms but I thought you might like looking at my panties.” “I do. I love orange.” I said. She giggled and stood in front of me. She slipped the PJ bottoms off with small side to side movements. Of course her hips and thighs were perfect. The little orange thong barely covered her crotch. I could see the shape of her slit pressed into them. And just at the bottom, barely visible before she sat back down, was a small spot of darker orange. Wet! She was getting wet! This was turning her on.Dominique sat back down but this time, oh god, this time she sat directly on top of my raging monster. All I could think was, we are practically fucking! There was nothing between her and I but a small triangle of orange cotton. Warmth from her pussy covered my cock. She was soft. The softness spread around my cock, covering and encasing me. It felt almost like I was inside her. “Don't touch me. If you touch me, it's over between us. I do everything. OK?” Dominique whispered in my ear. Her hand ran through my hair. “Ok.” I managed to get out. I couldn't last much longer. Already I could feel my body begging fo
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r release. I put my hands down by my sides. Dominique closed her eyes and moved her pussy up and down my length, slowly at first and then faster. I felt wetness replace the dry cotton between us. Her wetness! My cock was touching her pussy juices! It was too much. I was going to cum. I could feel it. I could feel my balls pushing up for release of all that sperm. If I came now, I would have to leave. This would all end. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something that would keep me from cumming. Dominique pushed her chest into my face. Her nipples tickled my cheeks. “Oh yes. Fuck Matthew! I think I'm going to cum! I've never felt a cock this hard before. I can't...oh fuck, I can't believe you are lasting this long! I thought you would cum as soon as I touched you. Now...JESUS, YES! Oh shit! Your cock is so hard. It's the nicest cock I've ever had.”“I...I'm going to cum.” I said. “NO! You have to hold out just a little longer. I'm so close. Oh, I'm so close. Just a little more. Yeah, there it is. I feel him against my clit. There we go. Just...a...little...” Dominique was moaning. Her pussy was making wet sticky noises over my cock. I felt skin now! The panties had pushed up inside her a little and now something smooth and warm was rubbing against my cock!“I'm CUMMING!” Dominique screamed. “Me too!” I gasped. Dominique's little body shuddered and she thrust her pussy against me several times in quick succession. I was amazed. This is how she came. I shot my own load onto my stomach. My cock was pressed down so the cum seeped around and she slipped up and down in it. My cum was touching her pussy. Amazingly, in something that I didn't even know could happen, I came again! I had read about the infamous male double orgasm, but I didn't know it could actually happen. It was like I was just finishing one orgasm and shooting all my cum all over and then my body tightened down and my balls shot up and I sprayed another load up sperm all over. The second orgasm was so much more intense than the first. “Are you cumming again?” Dominique asked. “Ahhh...Uhhh...FUCK!” I said as the orgasm took me. Dominique pressed into me and with her orgasm finished, she could focus just on pushing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. She held herself steady by putting her hand on my chest and on my legs and she pushed her little panties into my cock. This time I could look down. I saw the head of my cock pressing out from under her little deep, wet orange panties and my cock's little eye pointing up straight at me. But most glorious of all was the fact that her panties had slipped inside her some and I could see pink touching my cock. Her labia were kissing my wet cock! I was as close to fucking Dominique as I could get! Dominique didn't get up right away, as I expected, but leaned forward and hugged me. I kept my hands down by my sides afraid to break the rules. She slowly rocked her hips over my cock mingling our juices. “You are still hard.” She said. “Yeah. I don't think I can even get soft when you are around.” I said. “You are so weird Matthew.”“I know, I'm sorry.” I said. “Why? You just made me cum and now I have your semen all over my wet pussy. Why are you sorry? Seems to me that you were really happy just now. Twice happy, in fact.” She smiled and stepped off me. She looked down and I could see all the sticky wetness creamed all over her thighs. Was that me or her? It was both of us. She looked up and smiled. “I don't think your clothes are dry. If you want to, you can wait here while I go take a shower.”“Can I come sit in the shower and watch you? I promise I won't do anything. I don't even have to watch you undress. I'll just sit on the floor and watch you through the shower curtain. You won't even know I'm there.”“Ok.” Dominique said. I kept my word and I didn't watch her undress. I came in the shower once she said it was ok. I sat on the floor and saw the shape of her beautiful body through the curtain. She moved around under the water and I thought I had never seen anything more beautiful in all my life. Was I in love? Who cares if I was. Suddenly the curtain opened and Dominique peeked out and said, “I have to pee.”“Do you...can I...will you pee ON ME!?” I asked excited. Dominique smiled and opened the curtain for me to step inside. I stepped into the water and looked at Dominique's nude body. She was perfection. Not a trace of hair on her entire body. Her naked pussy looked like it had never even seen pubic hair. Her slender little hips were smooth and perfect. Her small breasts were round and looked amazing on her tiny frame. Her swollen pink nipples perfectly placed on the round swells. I knelt down in front of her. I could smell her sex. Her little slit protruded and the pink labia made a kiss in front of me. Water ran down her body and dribbled off those wonderful pink lips. Suddenly, without warning, she started to pee. First I couldn't tell because it mixed with the water but then I could see it running out in a stream from her cunt. I put my face under it and felt the warmth hitting my lips. I opened my mouth and drank in the water and her body's juice. It was warm. It was amazing. I moved in closer and closer to her pussy until the pee was directed right inside my mouth. Then I closed my mouth on her pussy! Her pee was shooting directly into me and I was struggling to swallow over and over again. Dominique grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy. I bravely stuck out my tongue and inserted it between her soft swollen labia. Warmth flooded my body. I felt like I was was one with her! Some of Dominique was now inside me! It was wonderful. I licked her pussy. If there is a heaven then heaven is like this. Kneeling on her shower floor and having Dominique rest her body on my face. Her pussy lips spread out and I could taste her juices. I licked and sucked at her pussy and felt all the little delicate warm details of her skin. I smelled the soap she had used. I felt her soft thighs closing around my head as she came. Her moans filled the air and I knew that if I could die there, at that moment, I would die happy. “Ok, now you need to leave.” Dominique said. “But...I...”“No, you need to leave now.” She saw the look on my face and she leaned down and kissed me softly on the cheek. “Don't worry. You are my pet aren't you?” “Always.” After getting on my semi-dry clothes, I was trying to get my bike ready to ride back home. It was dark and the streets were mostly empty except for one car driving up. The car parked in front of Dominique's building and a man got out. He looked to be in his forties and upper class. He looked around as he walked toward her building but he didn't see me. I didn't think much of it and pulled my bike out into the street. I was about to head out but I wanted to see if I could see Dominique through her window. I looked up and saw her light on. Then it happened. Dominique walked into view and the man walked up behind her. She turned and they hugged! She put her arms around his neck and it looked like they kissed briefly before walking out of view again. I stood there baffled. Was it her father? Could it be her father? No. I don't think so. Who was this man? I rode over to his car but nothing told me who he was. I stood outside for a long time, like a stalker. I just wanted to see them again. They never came back in front of the window. Finally a light came on in what I thought was Dominique's bedroom! I saw shadows but couldn't see them. Dominique and a forty year old man? I rode home feeling horrid inside. I hated myself for being suspicious but also I couldn't help but wonder who he was. Was that why she wanted me out so badly? Why?

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